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Bosko and Honey (1932)

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Bosko and Honey (1932)
Bosko and Honey (1932) Bosko and Honey (1932) 5 / 10 by 1 users
Title:Bosko and Honey
Original Title:Bosko and Honey
Director:Hugh Harman
Writer: N/A
Release: 1932-04-17
Country: United States of America
Language: English
Runtime: 7 min.
Genre: Comedy, Animation

 Production Company:Leon Schlesinger Studios, The Vitaphone Corporation
 Plot Keyword:dancing, lightning, cat, saxophone, music teacher, tree, bicycle, violin, music, telephone, animation, character name in title, anthropomorphism, singing, dog, cartoon cat, anthropomorphic animal, kitten, looney tunes, sleeping, walking on piano keys, cartoon dog, bosko, bubble, pupil, honey the character, tickling chin, practicing violin, short
 Alternative Titles:


    Honey is a music teacher; her pupil is a kitten who hates playing the violin. No matter what she does to correct him, the kitten plays horribly. She phones Bosko, who is asleep. Bosko's dog, Bruno, tries to wake him but fails. He answers the phone himself by knocking off the receiver and barking into the speaker. Honey asks Bruno to wake up Bosko, so the dog tries again. Even the phone does its part by sprouting hands and arms, which it uses to whistle and knock its receiver on the floor. Bosko finally answers and tells Honey he'll be right over. When Bosko arrives at Honey's place, the two of them sing and dance and play music. The kitten expresses its disdain by dumping bathwater into Bosko's saxophone, but Bosko continues to play as bubbles emerge from the bell. Honey dances on the soap bubbles, safely descending from her balcony to the ground as they pop. The kitten is soon forgotten as Bosko and Honey go for a bicycle ride, followed by Bruno. A fierce thunderstorm interrupts their fun.
    Honey (voice) (uncredited)

    Characters : Honey (voice) (uncredited)

    Actor : Rochelle Hudson

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