Sometimes love is hiding between the seconds of your life.
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Cashback (2006)

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Cashback (2006)
Cashback (2006) Cashback (2006) 6.7 / 10 by 264 users
Original Title:Cashback
Director:Sean Ellis
Writer: Sean Ellis
Release: 2006-09-10
Country: United Kingdom
Language: English, Español
Runtime: 102 min.
Genre: Drama, Comedy, Romance

 Production Company:Left Turn Films, Ugly Duckling Films, Lipsync Productions
 Plot Keyword:london, gay, male nudity, female nudity, sex, lovesickness, kung fu, regret, jealousy, supermarket, dream, sadness, hustler, fantasy, strip club, boredom, insomnia, night shift, birthday party, video surveillance, painting, dormitory, stripper, sleeplesness, art school, movie in movie, sexual fantasy, slow motion scene, comedy, snow, teenage girl, memory, sexual attraction, sexual tension, best friend, misunderstanding, based on short film, soccer, photograph, undressing, sketching, shampoo, art gallery, teenage boy, voice over narration, narrated by character, masturbation, time freeze , first kiss, blizzard, surveillance camera, ex-boyfriend ex-girlfriend relationship, nude drawing, arm cast, breakup, grocery store, exotic dancer, nude model, art class, duringcreditsstinger, first date, porn magazine, boyfriend girlfriend relationship, overflowing with imagination, college student, live sketch
 Alternative Titles:
  • Сдача
  • Возврат
  • 爱情回水
  • 现金回馈
  • 找零
  • 超市未眠夜
  • Bem-Vindo ao Turno da Noite


When art student Ben Willis is dumped by his girlfriend Suzy, he develops chronic insomnia after finding out how quickly she moved on. To pass the long hours of the night, he starts working the late night shift at the local supermarket. There he meets a colorful cast of characters, all of whom have their own 'art' in dealing with the boredom of an eight-hour-shift. Ben's art is that he imagines himself stopping time. This way, he can appreciate the artistic beauty of the frozen world and the people inside it - especially Sharon, the pretty and quiet checkout girl, who perhaps holds the answer to solving the problem of Ben's insomnia.
Ben Willis

Characters : Ben Willis

Actor : Sean Biggerstaff

Sharon Pintey

Characters : Sharon Pintey

Actor : Emilia Fox

Sean Higgins

Characters : Sean Higgins

Actor : Shaun Evans

Barry Brickman

Characters : Barry Brickman

Actor : Michael Dixon


Characters : Suzy

Actor : Michelle Ryan


Characters : Jenkins

Actor : Stuart Goodwin

Young Ben Willis

Characters : Young Ben Willis

Actor : Frank Hesketh

Art Class Life Model

Characters : Art Class Life Model

Actor : Kenneth Fahy

Canteen Lady

Characters : Canteen Lady

Actor : Erica Ellis

Brian 'Kung-Fu'

Characters : Brian 'Kung-Fu'

Actor : Marc Pickering

Matt Stephens

Characters : Matt Stephens

Actor : Michael Lambourne

Art Class Teacher

Characters : Art Class Teacher

Actor : Stan Ellis

Woman at the Till

Characters : Woman at the Till

Actor : Nia Roberts

Betting Employee

Characters : Betting Employee

Actor : Winnie Li

Art Class Girl

Characters : Art Class Girl

Actor : Katie Ball

Deer Girl in Sainsbury's

Characters : Deer Girl in Sainsbury's

Actor : Celesta Hodge

Shampoo / Frozen Girl 2

Characters : Shampoo / Frozen Girl 2

Actor : Cherie Nichole

Woman with Trolley

Characters : Woman with Trolley

Actor : Lene Bausager

Old Lady at Deli Counter

Characters : Old Lady at Deli Counter

Actor : Hatti Riemer

Shampoo / Frozen Girl 1

Characters : Shampoo / Frozen Girl 1

Actor : Kinvara Balfour

Frozen Girl in Sainsbury's

Characters : Frozen Girl in Sainsbury's

Actor : Keeley Hazell

Mrs. Booth

Characters : Mrs. Booth

Actor : Samantha Bloom


Characters : Tanya

Actor : Emilia Fenton

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